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Introduction to Vlog

Hi! I'm Donna Lanham, LPC. Welcome to my v-log! Watching these videos will not replace therapy, though they can give you a good idea of who you are meeting when you make an appointment with me. You can also use some of the things I discuss to supplement therapy. I look forward to working with you soon!

Protective Factors 1 out of 6

Protective factors are things that contribute to our mental health and allow us to be resilient in the face of challenges. When we work on strengthening our protective factors we are able to guard ourselves from mental health relapses and struggles in life.

Protective Factors 2 out of 6

Our social supports are incredibly important for us to reach out for help.They can offer us emotional and practical help as well as a sense of connection.

Protective Factors 3 out of 6

Physical health can get overlooked as an important part of our mental health. Taking care of our bodies is necessary because when we feel physically good it can help improve our emotional health. 

Protective Factors 4 out of 6

Improving our self-esteem is not just feeling good about ourselves; it is understanding that we bring value to society.  It is also about accepting our flaws and weaknesses. Healthy thinking involves challenging the negative thoughts we have and creating a more positive overall mindset.

Protective Factors 5 out of 6

Coping skills give us the ability to manage uncomfortable emotions in a healthy way.  To figure out which coping skills to use we have to understand what emotion we are experiencing in the first place.  Therapy can help us uncover and understand some of our complicated emotions.

Protective Factors 6 out of 6

Meaningful involvement in the roles we have in life can help give us a sense of purpose.  This sense of purpose can improve our overall quality of life and protect our emotional well-being.  There are activities you can do to explore your sense of purpose.



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